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Helping kids feel good about themselves for over 20 years!

** Georgina'a longest running martial arts club **

** Exceptional rates **

* Outstanding self esteem & self defense program *

** Classes in Keswick and Sutton **

** Over 60 Black Belt graduates and growing **


Welcome to Georgina Family Martial Arts and the exciting world of Nagado.

Come and join our family. Free trial classes are available to all newcomers. Just give us call at 905-715-0645 or email

In April we are celebrating Living Fearlessly. Dissolving fear through living in acceptance, trust and faith is incredibly empowering. If you want to know more, check out our blog.

For more up to date information on current activities, checkout our facebook page.

Our annual in-house charity Fun Day was held on Saturday June 18, 2016 at the Ice Palace in Keswick. Students participated in three events. All profits are donated to various charities.

Georgina Family Martial Arts (GFMA) has been serving Georgina since 1996, with classes in Keswick and Sutton for ages 4 and up. 

The most important thing for each of us, is to feel good about ourselves. The emphasis at GFMA is to reinforce this through a well balanced martial arts program that empowers students by encouraging them to understand their true nature and be who they are.

Sensei Jeff Powell-Steele, Black Belt and chief instructor, has over 20 years experience in martial arts. Jeff has a deep passion for the martial arts that is reflected in his enthusiasm as an instructor.

Jeff understands that each of us is on our own journey, and he encourages an accepting, non-judgemental environment that acknowledges each student's unique abilities, allowing them to develop at their own pace.

Former Sensei Fred is excited to announce that he has published his second book, The History Teacher 2.0. It is available on Amazon and FriesenPress in both hardcopy and ebook formats.

GFMA would like to congratulate its newest Black Belt graduates:

Vagely Gabriele, Aidan Northcott, Deven Sankersingh, Kyle Stetka, Jones Bacuyag and Nicoletta Gabriele.

Families who need financial support to enroll their children in athletic and recreational programs are urged to contact Georgina Cares or Canadian Tire Jumpstart (c/o Jericho Youth Centre). Go to the Links page for more information. 

Georgina Family Martial Arts supports Orangutan Outreach, a sanctuary in Indonesia whose mission is to save the orangutan.

Come and experience the joy of Nagado.