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G F M A: About GFMA

About Georgina Family Martial Arts

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Georgina Family Martial Arts (GFMA), founded in 1996, offers classes in Nagado, a unique style of martial arts that blends self defense training and self image development.

GFMA is owned and operated by Sensei Fred Phillips. Sensei Fred holds has trained and taught martial arts for over 20 years and holds the level of Black Belt.

Classes are held in Keswick at the Ice Palace, and in Sutton, at the Kin Community Centre.

Classes are available for ages 4 and up.

GFMA offers one-night and two nights per week programs.

Fees range depending on the program. A two-nights per week, 4-month introductory program is $280. Family rates are available. For more information on rates and free trial classes, call 905-967-2769 or email  

Students progress through 11 belt levels from white to black.

Students participate in an annual in-house tournament to raise money for local charities.