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G F M A: Nagado

7 Animals of Nagado

The role of animals in martial arts dates all the way back to its beginnings. It is said that many of the initial martial arts movements were patterned after specific animal movements. Different animals have various meanings depending on the specific style of martial art.

Nagado is represented by seven animals: dragon, snake, horse, deer, dolphin, cheetah and eagle.

Dragon: The dragon represents our personal power, or how we feel about ourselves. The presence of the dragon is symbolic of positive self image. On a physical level, the mystical dragon breathes fire, and so it represents the ability of the martial artist to be in fire mode.


Snake: The snake is the ultimate symbol of the martial artist because snakes, even the deadliest of snakes, will always try to escape trouble. When in danger, the snake will always try to get away first, but when cornered, the snake will defend itself without hesitation. Similarly, a martial artist will do everything he or she can do avoid a confrontation, but when called upon to do so, reacts immediately. On a physical level, snakes represent calm and flexibility. They embody the martial artist's ability to remain in earth mode, conserving energy until called upon to act.


Horse: The horse is a majestic beast, On a physical level, the horse is a symbol of power and strength, while on a spiritual level, the horse represents beauty and determination.


Deer: The deer is a crafty animal. It survives in the forest on instincts and it's senses. On a physical level, the deer represents quickness and movement, while on a spiritual level, it embodies courage.


Dolphin: The dolphin is a divine creature. It is extremely intelligent and intuitive. On a physical level, the dolphin represents protector and playfulness, while on a spiritual level, the dolphin represents intuition and joyful living. The dolphin also a symbol of healing because dolphins are also known to possess healing abilities.


Cheetah: With its raw speed and mobility, the cheetah inspires awe and admiration. On a physical level, the cheetah represents speed, while on a spiritual level, because it competes, often in pairs, for food on the plain with much larger and more aggressive predators, it is a symbol of courage and cooperation.


Eagle: The eagle, despite its size and its predatory nature, is a very fragile creature, relying on a healthy ecosystem to survive. On a physical level, the eagle represents vision, because it uses site to spot its prey. On a spiritual level, because eagles soar to great heights, they represent ascension to our highest level of goodness.