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G F M A: Nagado


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The style of martial art taught at Georgina Family Martial Arts is called Nagado. Nagado means way of the dragon and snake. Each of these animals embodies the true martial artist in a unique way.

The dragon represents our personal power. It symbolizes that aspect of each of us that feels good about ourself. The snake symbolizes the consummate martial artist because the snake will do everything in its power to avoid a confrontation, but when called upon to defend itself, does so without hesitation.

Created by Sensei Fred Phillips, Nagado blends the development of simple, yet effective self defense techniques, with the development of a positive self image (feeling good about oneself). The practitioner of Nagado is taught that the ultimate goal in any self defense situation is to end it peacefully, but more importantly, he or she is taught that the most important thing in life, is that we feel good about ourselves. 

By choosing to train in Nagado, we are choosing to live in a manner that is in alignment with our goal of having a positive self image.

Students are encouraged to:

  • Develop self respect and confidence
  • Live with compassion and gratitude
  • Face their challenges with courage and determination
  • Seek their true purpose
  • Enjoy all of life’s experiences
  • Eat healthy

A Junior-Tyke program is available for ages 4 to 6.  Students in the J-T program learn all of the elements of Nagado, but at a slower pace, and in more of a ‘fun’ environment.  The program recognizes that younger children lack the coordination and focus to participate in the more intensive standard program.

The Nagado self defense program includes:

  1. Breakfalls
  2. Blocks
  3. Kicks & strikes
  4. Takedowns & throws
  5. Self defense
  6. Forms
  7. Grappling
  8. Sparring